Material Certifications and SDS

Chase provides several forms of certifications at no charge.

In addition, the following custom certifications are available at a nominal charge.  Please mention which brass rod certification is preferred at time of order placement.  To access a certification for a shipped item, please login to Customer Reports.

  • Chemistry Statistics & Hardness
  • Chemistry Statistics, Hardness, & Tensile Properties
  • Mercurous Nitrate Test
  • Actual Chemistry & Mechanical
  • Actual Chemistry & Mercurous Nitrate Test
Cert Charge
(Cost Per Item)
Certs 80 (Chemistry Statistics Only) No Charge
Certs 81 (Chemistry Statistics & Hardness) $50.00
Certs 82 (Chemistry Statistics, Hardness & Tensile Properties) $100.00
Certs 83 (Mercurous Nitrate Test & Mechanical) $250.00
Certs 84 (Actual Chemistry & Mechanical) $200.00
Certs 85 (Actual Chemistry, Mechanical & Mercurous Nitrate Testing) $300.00