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C87850 – ECO BRONZE® Ingot
C87850 – ECO BRONZE® Wear Application


Chemistry Composition:

Cu Si P Pb Fe Sn Ni Mn Sb Zn
75.0-78.0% 2.7-3.4% 0.05-0.20% 0.09% max 0.10% max 0.30% max 0.20% max 0.10% max 0.10% max Remainder

Chemistry Specification:




Ingot Weights:

2,500 LBS / PALLET


2.400″ Octagon

Diameter Tolerances:

Diameter (inch) Octagonal
>2.000″ 0.40%

ECO BRONZE is lead-free*, arsenic-free and bismuth free alloy with excellent machinability, excellent dezincification resistance, weight savings, and is 100% recyclable.
ECO BRONZE has been independently tested and proven to be a great lead-free alternative to the standard C93200 leaded bronze alloy, and in some applications, offers superior performance.  Best of all, it is an environmental-friendly, cost-effective lead-free alloy, and RoHS & REACH compliant bearing bronze.

ECO BRONZE went through a variety of arduous tests by independent laboratories to verify its performance and suitability as a quality bearing material.


DRY WEAR: The Dry Wear test was performed on a disc-style tribometer model TTMO1. The counter face material was 4140 steel with hardness HRC 50 and ground to Ra 12µin. surface finish. ECO BRONZE outperformed the other bearing materials, and showed the least amount and most predictable wear over the wide range of pressures and velocities.

Chase Brass C8750 Drywear Compared to other Ingots

LUBRICATED WEAR:  The Lubricated test was performed with SAE 10 and SAE 50 weight oils.  These tests showed that ECO BRONZE performed as well or in some instances better than the traditional lead-free bronze bearing materials in this study.

Chase Brass C8750 Lubricated Wear Compared to other Ingots

SLIDING BLOCK ON RING WEAR LOSS TESTING:  ECO BRONZE was tested to the ASTM G77 methodology, against a 4140 steel with a hardness of HRC 28. The bronze ring rotated at 72 rpm with the applied load starting at zero and increasing at a rate of 629 pounds/ minute to a maximum of 524 pounds, reaching the maximum in 50 seconds. The maximum load held constant for 2 minutes. ECO BRONZE proved to be an effective bearing material.

Chase Brass C8750 Sliding Block on Ring Wear Loss per Second Compared to other Ingots

GALLING:  Of particular importance to engineers, galling resistance is a major factor when specifying the correct bearing material. ECO BRONZE was tested for its galling resistance against common bearing alloys. The counter face material was 4140 steel with hardness of HRC 28. ECO BRONZE compared positively versus the other bearing alloys in the galling resistance test.

Chase Brass C8750 Sliding Block on Galling Threshold Compared to other Ingots

COMPRESSION STRENGTH:  Load-bearing capacity is one of the most important criteria when choosing a suitable bronze bearing material. The compression strength of lead-free ECO BRONZE versus other traditional bearing alloys using the ASTM E9 test methodology proved ECO BRONZE to be equal to or better than other materials in the test.

Chase Brass C8750 Compression Strength Compared to other Ingots

HEAT GENERATION:  Heat generation is an important criterion when considering a bearing material. ECO BRONZE proved during this testing that it is suitable as a quality bearing material, including heat generation.  It did exceptionally well with SAE 50 lubrication, and ran cooler at higher pressures and velocities than other alloys in the test.

Chase Brass C8750 Heat Generation Compared to other Ingots

DEZINCIFICATION:  Dezincification is the selective leaching of zinc from brass. There are concerns that higher zinc alloys are susceptible to this phenomenon.  ECO BRONZE and other common bearing alloys were tested for dezincification resistance per the ISO 6509 protocol, and for added severity, the test was extended from 24 hours to 144 hours. ECO BRONZE showed ZERO dezincification in all the tests.

Chase Brass C8750 Dezincification Compared to other Ingots

The test results found the following advantages when compared to traditional wear alloys: equivalent coefficient of friction, non-galling, superior wear, does not get brittle at high temperatures, and superior impact and compression strength.

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*This product complies with 0.25% weighted average lead content on wetted surfaces in accordance with Safe Water Drinking Act (SDWA) / Federal Public Law No. 111-380.



bunting bearings

ECO BRONZE C87850 Sell sheet


ECO Brass superior, best for drinking applications, high-quality brass alloy, manufactured in USA

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