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In 2006, California started a movement to remove lead from all faucets and plumbing fittings, that would overturn the entire copper and brass industry.  Chase Brass licensed the right to offer the eco-friendly, lead-free* brass rod C69300 (Green Dot® ECO BRASS® Rod) and C87850 ingots for foundries in North America from Mitsubishi Shindoh Company Ltd.  Since that time, the United States’ Federal Government signed S3874 the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act, which took effect January 1, 2014.

Chase Brass C69300 and C87850 alloys offer the unique features:

  • Meets Lead Free Plumbing Legislation
  • Excellent Machinability
  • Superior dezincification and stress corrosion resistance
  • High strength equivalent to stainless steel
  • Easily welds, solders, and brazes
  • Accepts plating
  • Excellent hot forgeability
  • Compliant with USA S3874(111th) & California AB1953
  • NSF 14 Compliant
  • Globally available alloy
  • Available as EPA-Registered     CuVerro Antimicrobial Alloy*

Potential uses:

  • Drinking water application
  • Fire protection devices
  • Forgings or castings for ball valves (no-lead and stainless applications)
  • Forging for shower valve
  • Water meter body castings
  • Automotive parts:  lead-free requirements
  • European electrical/electronic parts:  lead-free requirements
  • Substitute for free-machining stainless steel in general applications

Chase Brass is a brass forgings supplier and distributor, high strength brass manufacturer, brass rod fittings manufacturer, brass alloy supplier, brass rod manufacturer, brass parts supplier, brass machining supplier, bar manufacturer, castings manufacturer, and barstock distributor.

*These products comply with 0.25% weighted average lead content on wetted surfaces in accordance with Safe Water Drinking Act (SDWA) / Federal Public Law No. 111-380.


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