brass rod manufacuring

Scrap Recycling

Every load of copper and copper alloy scrap we receive is inspected and approved or rejected by our Quality Lab. This ensures the best quality ingredients that allows Chase Brass rod to exceed industry specifications.

Scrap is returned in various forms such as bar ends, brass chips and solids.  Chase Brass also recycles all casting and extrusion process scrap.

large scrap casting and extrusion process scrap 

Chase Brass utilizes a truck dump system for the efficient processing of customer scrap.  The trailer is detached from the tractor and a hydraulic lift system elevates the trailer to a 45-degree angle using gravity to unload the chips into a hopper, where they are collected and transported to a crusher, and then conveyed to a chip holding area in preparation for drying and melting.

Copper and copper alloy scrap from various customers are scooped up to feed the furnaces to begin the melting process.

Copper and copper alloy scrap