Inspired by a new focus on using brass products and advancements in high speed machining and tooling, the Copper Development Association conducted third party machinability testing on both leaded and lead-free brasses using single point turning and drilling operations. What was found was fantastic! Anyone processing brass has an opportunity to decrease cycle times by as much as 94%. Who would have guessed that despite the reputation of brass’ machinability, of its capability has been underutilized, thus inflating the cost per part and decreasing potential profitability. The CDA study was performed on 5 brass alloys machined at different speeds and feeds

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Solution: American Made Engineered Products

WE WANT YOUR BRASS BACK HERE! We forge it, you machine it!  Engineered forged parts allow you to be more competitive, purchase less material, and generate less scrap. There is evidence of metal working as early as 3000BC. Although not quite as old, Chase Brass has been working with metals since 1837. Chase has always been providing the products needed by their customers, and has recently expanded to include forged parts. As with many industries, forged parts have been manufactured outside of the US in recent years. We are bringing that market back to the US! These new engineered parts start with quality

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Come see us in Booth #701

Our products have been around since 1837. Although some products never change, innovation is always happening at Chase Brass. 2017 is no different, we have a new product line that we will be showcasing at the PMTS event April 25-27. Come see our display on: Engineered Forged Parts: We forge it, you machine it! USA built products, shorter lead times, higher production efficiencies, more competitive end product for your clients Wounded Warrior Project: Register with Chase Brass and we will give $5 to the Wounded Warrior Project. We will donate $250 for every order we receive on engineered parts in the next six

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